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The factory is busy producing food and soap and the office is operational, albeit remotely. If you need anything please email info@healthpak.com.au and we’ll be back in touch just as soon as we can.



Health Pak Ltd is renowned as one of New Zealand’s leading and premiere packaging companies, with over 50 years of experience. Health Pak is well recognized as a specialist in all forms of quality packaging, including being New Zealand’s leader in sachet packing and packaging of dairy based powders. Their state of the art factory based in Penrose, Auckland is RMP approved and their extensive experience in packaging dairy powders is paramount in ensuring the high quality required in all our Tenda products.

Our infant formula contains only the highest quality ingredients and milk sourcing available in New Zealand and our Tenda Kids range use some of New Zealand most natural ingredients around.

We are also proud to say that all Tenda products including our infant formula and Tenda Kids Snacks are part of the inSight program run by AsureQuality, New Zealand’s leading independent testing authority. inSight checks all stages of our production, from raw material sourcing, manufacturing and distribution to the point of sale. They also undertake due diligence of our supply chain both upstream and downstream to ensure that good manufacturing processes are followed and all product characteristics are credible.  You can check us out and learn more about inSight at http://aqinsight.com

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