We Choose the Best Eco Technology for each Product

We Choose the Best Eco Technology for each Product

Health Pak has not chosen one environmental option for all its products. Instead we have taken the time to look at all our packaging and have chosen the best fit for that particular product. When deciding what the best environmental option is for our products we look at the following:

1) What the product is? Its size, its composition and its impact on the environment

2) What facilities are available to cope with the chosen environmental option?

3) What is the best, not easiest environmental option?

In some cases the option that suits one product, may not suit another. We are not saying that we have chosen the right way as much of the technologies and systems in place are very new to the industry and our program will be forever evolving over time. What we are saying is that we are giving it the best possible shot and are putting more time and effort into environmental packaging than any other company in New Zealand. We are continually trialling new materials and working with raw material suppliers from Australia to Canada and throughout Europe. In many cases the materials we are handling are world firsts and suppliers are coming to us to trial their products as they recognise our commitment to this issue. Too often in the last 36 months we have heard material suppliers saying they are waiting until someone takes initiative before they will produce commercial environmental options and it is a continual battle to get them on board and see our vision. Our aim in the years to come is to produce the most environmentally friendly guest amenities in the world and we believe we are making a pretty good start so far.