Back to Base Soap Recycling Program

Back to Base Soap Recycling Program

For some time now our clients have been asking us for a way to recycle the partially used soaps that guests leave behind, and we’ve finally cracked it. The result is a world first used soap recycling program.

Ever wanted to find an environmentally friendly way to dispose of partially used bars of soap?

Well there are 2 things you need to know.

Firstly, Health Pak is now offering you the chance to return partially used Health Pak manufactured* soaps back to us and we’ll get them converted into Bio Diesel and biodegradable industrial cleaners. That’s right, we’ll help you recycle your soaps! *We're not being difficult and not taking other people soaps for no reason, our soaps are specially formulated to be able to be easily converted into these other products.

Secondly, because all Health Pak soaps are biodegradable, they will cause no harm to the planet if they are disposed of through your normal waste collection.

If you want to sign up for Back to Base, please contact us today.