Sometimes you just need a few little extras to ensure you've always got your guests last minute needs covered.

At times like that you don't want to have vast amounts of stock or super long lead time and you definitely want to know that what you are handing over to your guest is going to be top notch quality. Well, we've got your back.

We are super excited to bring you our latest single use plastic reducing range of premium unbranded extras.

Packaged in Rockstock, an amazing ‘paper’ that is made from 80% Calcium Carbonate (in the form of quarry waste). Rockstock is a tree free paper that helps reduce deforestation. By using ground up waste rock (CaCO3) as the primary content instead of tree fibre, Rockstock replaces a wood pulp with rock waste.

No bleaches, acids, alkali or other potentially dangerous ingredients are used in the production of Rockstock as the paper gets its white colour from the high concentration of Calcium Carbonate which is naturally white. This means that Rockstock does not pollute the air, rivers and drinking water reserves with any harmful chemicals.

You can read all about this amazing material here

As well as the significant environmental benefits of the Rock Stock packaging, we have also eliminated as much plastic from the contents as possible. Sustainable bamboo toothbrushes, timber combs and recycled timber shafts for the cotton buds all help to reduce single use plastics in your rooms. PLA compostable shower cap? Yip. And the coolest of the cool, a compostable handle on the razor made from a material called Wheat Straw Plastic. As the name suggests its a bioplastic that is made from the waste left behind in agricultural processes after the grain is extracted from the crop. 

These products represent a super easy way to eliminate unnecessary plastic from your business and in doing so protect the environment that your guests come to you to enjoy.