Wiru indigenous Skincare

The primary botanical used in the range is locally sourced Wattle seed. We use ground Wattle seed for its mild exfoliating properties in the soap and combine Wattle seed extract with wild Quandong (Desert Peach) in the hair and body care liquids. Celebrate, Respects and Champion, these are the cornerstone principals of Wiru.


This product is proudly made in New Zealand using truly fantastic Australian botanical ingredients. CER as it was meant to be! The contents of this product are made from a biodegradable formulation and will naturally break down when exposed to the elements. The formulation for this product has been tested on our office staff and not on animals. After all how is the bunny going to tell you when you’ve got the formulation just right? The ingredients we use to make this product are free from Genetically Engineering. Because nobody wants you to grow a third eye or anything weird like that. The base ingredients for this soap are purchased through an RSPO certified supply chain. If you have any concerns about the use of Palm Oil we would welcome the opportunity to tell you why RSPO Palm Oil is a fantastic environmentally friendly product, just drop us a line This product should be enjoyed within 24months of opening it. The packaging for this product is made from recycled materials. The amount differs from 30% to 100% from product to product. We use recycled materials wherever possible, because we can and should. The packaging for this product are recyclable. PLEASE contact your recycler to find out how you can recycle it. This bottle is made from HDPE and is fully recyclable. Please contact your recycler to find out how you can recycle your waste. Not exactly the peas and carrots kind of vegetables mind you, but our vegetable base contains no animal or petrochemical by-products.

What your customers are saying about our products  
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I'm keen to purchase some of the Quandong Shampoo for personal use if it's possible. I tried it at Uluru and absolutely LOVED it

Jacqui - Australia

In 2014 I stayed in the Desert Gardens Hotel at Yulara. I loved the Wiru Indigenous skincare products and recently discovered your website. I wondered if I could purchase any of the products for my personal use.

Julie - Australia

Would love to purchase Wiru quandong shampoo and conditioner for home use. Is it possible to buy it in larger quantities?

Adrienne - Australia

Do you sell Wiru indigenous Skincare products to consumers directly or through retailers? Just back from a trip at Yulara (Sails in the Desert) and I loved the products, particularly the soap bar!

David - Australia

Love the Wiru quandong & wattle seed body balm from Ayers Rock Resort. Is there any way to purchase this online?

Leslie - United States of America

I was at Ayers Rock Resort last week and fell in love with the WIRU products, specifically the ‘hydrating shampoo and conditioner’ and the ‘hand and body wash’

Cynthia - Australia

I would like to purchase your Wiru indigenous shampoo and conditioner products can you advise where I can purchase them? Is there an online site for them? I really liked these products when staying at Ayers Rock Resort.

lynne - Australia

I would like this know where can I purchase WiRU body balm?

Alistair - Hony Kong

Just wondering if you supply your products to the public. Recently on a trip to Uluru we were fortunate to sample your products at the hotel we were staying They were so nice. The balm is amazing. Nothing has moisturised my skin like your balm. And the fragrance didn’t irritate. Amazing.

Judy - Australia

This Wiru soap is so amazing and I would love so much to find out how I could buy them from you

Alison - Australia

My wife loved the Wiru products when we stayed at the Sails in the Desert in Uluṟu. We live in Perth and are wondering whether the products can be purchased in WA.

Steve - Australia

Do you sell your Wiru Quandong body wash to the public? I would really like to buy some

Clare - Australia

I just wanted to ask do you supply the u.k market with the Wiru indigenous products, quandong wild peach and wattle seed, if not can I buy it from you.

Steve - United Kingdom

we recently stayed at Sails in the Desert and had the privilege of using your products and loved them. Are the " Wiru " body balm and body wash available to purchase for use at home.

Pamela - Australia

Do you sell your Wiru Quandong and wattle seed body wash to the public. My husband and I stayed at Uluru last year and your body wash is amazing. Smell is divine.

Sue - Australia

I've used the Wiru products at Sails in the Desert at Uluru and love them. Is it possible to purchase the products for personal use?

Joanne - Australia

Hello! I am from the United States and had the ultimate good fortune to visit your country about a year ago. Part of my tour included lodging at the Sails in the Desert hotel. Beautiful accommodations and countryside! I loved the Wiru products. The scent and creamy texture is awesome. Is it possible to purchase these products?

Alicia - United States of America

We just departed The Sails at Uluru today and I would like to find a way to purchase the “Wiru Hand and Body Balm” please. The balm was incredible. 

David - Australia

do you sell Wiru skin products to the public or is it for hotels only? 

Lydia - Australia

We are returning back to the USA after living in Australia for 2 years.  Last year we stayed at Sails in the Desert, Uluru.  I fell in love with the Quandong (wild peach) & wattleseed bodybalm. The scent is amazing!   is there any way I can purchase more of the Wiru Products before going home?

Leslie - Australia

love the body wash soooo much.is there any chance I could purchase a half dozen bottles or however many your minimum purchase may be. thank you for developing such a marvellous product

Dan - Australia

We recently stayed at Ayers Rock Resort - Desert Gardens & got to use the WIRU products, especially enjoyed a soak in a nice hot bath after a day of walking - using the bath bag & shower gel, smelled beautiful. Also my partner used the balm lotion on his dry legs & liked it. I've bn reading yr feedback & other people liked the shampoos etc., which I didn't get to use at the time unfortunately. Wondered if you have a 'pack' of all the goodies so we could use them at home?

Anne - Australia

I have used the Wiru body balm(Quandong & Wattleseed) whilst staying at a hotel in Ayers Rock.Please may I know where I can buy the body balm

Lay - Australia

We vacationed in New Zealand and Australia last April. WIRU soap in hotel was amazing. I would like to know where I can buy the product in Los Angeles, California in US.

Della - United States of America

I was wondering where I could purchase some of the “Wiru Indigenous SKINCARE” products for home use. In particular, the conditioning shampoo.

Rebecca - Australia

Hi loved your product, Wiru, shampoo & conditioner I used recently while staying in Ularu @ Sails in the Desert. Am I able to purchase these products for myself?

Joy - Australia

Is it possible to purchase the shampoo and conditioner used at the Sails in the Desert resort for personal use at home? 

Selley - United States of America

Is it possible to purchase Wiru body balm directly from you or through a retail outlet. I find it really soothes my sensitive skin.

Joy - Australia

Hello I had a lovely stay at the Desert Gardens hotel at Ayers rock and loved the guest pack that was left in our bathroom the Wiru range - in particular the soap - I just love this soap range

Rebecca - Australia

I loved all of the Wiru products, barely anything works for me with my skin allergies and I would love to purchase some product. How can I do this?

Emma - Australia

Do you sell your Wiru Quandong body wash to the public? It is one of the best fragrances I have ever used for body wash and soap

Clare - Australia

I would very much like to purchase the Wiru range of products for myself - especially the body balm. We stayed at Sails in the Desert a few weeks ago and I would very much like to get more product!

Trish - Australia

Thank you and your product, which is a bar of soap, that do wonders to my skin after I traveled  to Ayers Rock and stayed in Desert Gardens in February 2015. After I use it several times, I found all my skin allergies disappeared and I  brought one bar of your soap to Arizona and it also work. I  would like to thank you again for your great products and would recommend  it to any friends that I know.

Bobby - Hong Kong

I would love to purchase WIRU Body Balm. Stayed at the Sails in the Desert hotel. Truly enjoyed this balm supplied in our room.

Alicia - United States of America

Have recently used your WIRU shampoo and conditioner. Found it to be a fantastic product and would really love to purchase some.

Anne - Australia

Have encountered your products at Ayers Rock Resort and would like to purchase some of the soap. 

Bob - Australia

Greetings I stayed recently at Ayers Rock (Uluru) Resort and loved the Wiru quandong and wattle seed shampoo and body wash which was supplied in the rooms there. I believe you are the suppliers, and I would like to know if I can buy these products

Len - Australia

I believe that you send your products to Sails in the dessert Ayers Rock resort ? I'm messaging on behalf of my boss who stayed there a few weeks ago and bought back a bar of soap its small no smell and has tiny brown pieces in it its amazing and all I have herd about I was just wondering if you sell to the public, I would love to purchase some

Tammy - Australia

I  was very impressed with the WIRU  shampoo and  conditioner in my room at the Ayres Rock Resort, and wonder if these can be purchased in  regular size?

Pamela - United Kingdom

I recently used the Wiru Quandong and Wattle seed shampoo and conditioner at Sails In The Desert Resort, Yulara. I would love to be able to purchase a supply of these products in larger quantities for my personal use.

Marilyn - Australia

I love the Wiru quandong body balm. Is there any way that I am able to purchase it?

Chantelle - Australia

I tossed a bar of your soap into my luggage while I was in Australia and New Zealand and just love it.   It is a small bar labeled Wiru and it exfoliates.    There is a picture of it on your website.    I would like to buy some in the U.S.   Is this possible?

Edward - United States of America

We stayed at the beautiful Desert Gardens Hotel as the final stop on the back dog ride 2015 there we had the luck to use one of Health Paks all natural WIRU Indigenous Skincare soaps and was very impressed by it. This is the only soap we have used that ticks all the boxes.

David - Australia

Where can I buy more of WIRU shampoo and conditioner and soap. Left my hair looking shiny and healthy.

Rohini - Australia

Hi we stayed at the Sails In The Desert Uluru and absolutely loved the body wash, it smells so beautiful. Is it possible to buy some body wash soap directly from your company for personal use? 

Jazz - Australia

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